Happy New Year Lovers! 

Another year has gone by and what better time to create a list of challenging goals for 2017. I'm yet to complete mine but, I do have quite a few in mind I'd like to smash out this year. Even if you don't think you'll accomplish it - It doesn't hurt to write it down and see if you've actually accomplished it at the end of the year, month or week. A positive, determined mind is all it takes to complete simple goals you set for yourself. But note, don't set impossible goals, do reward yourself with relaxation time or a treat and remember your success is up to yourself and no one else.

Just a little re-cap with featured highlights of our 2016 - Wilson and I spent New Years and the first week of January finishing up our epic month+ long USA trip, we collaborated with many amazing brands including Pandora, Transit Clothing, Hello Parry, Lock & Key Clothing, Adrien Harper, Ebb & Fleur, Generics Shop, The Makeup Factory, Brittany Jo's Makeup, Glamour Nail Bar and attended even more amazing events including the Good Food and Wine Lunch and the W.A. Fashion Awards, road tripped down south to Margaret River, attended my lovely friends Sandy and Nick's Wedding in March then in September we watched my my beautiful friends Janet and Minh then Wilson's brother, Jason and Steph walk down the aisle, I also met so many amazing people, some who are now my good friends through the HPPR Launch Party, attended the first Love Thread Project and helped support them to reach their goals (which, they did - yay!)

In May, I officially launched my baby De Fleur Creative - luxury styling and photography business focusing on styled product/fashion shoots, luxury events, engagements and weddings. For six months up to October, I organised collaborative styled shoots and met/worked with even more amazing people through it as well as built my clientele and worked on some big projects through it which, was and still is an absolute dream come true. Things got a bit crazy after August and I stopped blogging for a while but, I made a major come back the last two months. Traveling to Bali in November with Transit Clothing as an influencer was a huge achievement for Eden De Fleur as well as working with Allure via Detail for Christmas in December. You could say that 2016 was a bloody great year for me and honestly I couldn't do everything I do without the support of you (my readers and followers), my family, friends and my number one foundation of support and my love, Wilson.

Just before the year ended, I wanted to put together a festive look, focusing on beauty and personal style to celebrate the New Year. My colour palette included champagne, wine and rose gold - very luxurious tones perfect for the festive season. I wanted my make up to be flawless so of course I asked my beautiful friend Brittany who is an amazing freelance make up artist to create a look surrounding the idea of stars and of course my colour palette (She absolutely nailed as you can see). For the added sparkle, I styled with Pandora's Rose Gold Collection including the Captured Hearts Earrings, Hearts of Pandora Necklace and Ring, Braided Pavé Ring and Shimmering Feather Ring- absolutely gorgeous pieces.

To end my first post of the 2017, I'd like to wish all my lovely readers an amazing 2017 filled with love, happiness, adventure and success. To the dreamers, stop dreaming and start making your dreams come true.

Dress: Winona Aura Dress.
Jewellery: Pandora.

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