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Odyssea Beach Cafe located on the coastline of City Beach is definitely the place to be this Summer. Amazing food, drinks, service, interiors and an extraordinarily beautiful view (especially during sunset) plus, you can bring your dog along and dine on the deck which, in my books pretty much makes them the whole package. Wilson and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of interesting conversation and laughter with delicious cocktails in hand (Entrepreneur and Lychee Breeze) followed by an amazing sunset dinner, wine and dessert. Wilson had the Korean Spiced BBQ Linley Valley Pork Belly, Cucumber Kimchi and I had the Potato Gnocci (Vegetarian Option) both delicious. 

We also got to try four amazing desserts from their menu and they were all absolutely amazing- my favourites were the Baked Creme Fraiche Cheesecake, Macerated Strawberries Blood Orange and the Tonka Bean Parfait, Valrhona Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, 100% recommend. We had such an amazing evening thanks to the beautiful girls at Detail and it's safe to say you will definitely be see us both back there (quite frequently) this Summer.


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