photo DSC_4291 copy.jpg photo IMG_3437.jpg  photo DSC_4279 copy.jpg Hello Parry Pyjama Set

Good morning lovers. I know, I know I haven't posted since August but life became hectic all too sudden- it was all full steam ahead and not a chance of stopping. September is always the busiest time of the year for me with a billion birthday's on including mine, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival running for a week during the month and not to mention weekly styled shoots for my baby De Fleur Creative

Now, I can finally wind down a bit and relax a bit after everything and what better way than to grab a coffee or two in my new Hello Parry Pyjama Set. I am fully embracing this trend as sleeping is a passion of mine and sleepwear just agrees with my personal style. I really adore how simple yet luxe it looks paired with my all time favourite heels.


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  1. Good morning babe! (Okay. It's now 5pm ish). Good Afternoon.
    Love this set! It's so chilled. Keep up all of that hard work! Do you have Bloglovin' for your blog? I was trying to find you on there so I can keep up with your posts better but had trouble finding you.
    xx Jenelle