It is my absolute pleasure to be sharing with you the most honest, passionate and inspiring group of creatives and influencers I am fortunate enough to know. Founded by the beautiful Angeline Lloyd of fashion blog Love Thread, Love Thread Project is a multi-faceted collaborative platform for the ultimate purpose to educate, restore and empower women at risk through fashionable ventures. As much as I love style and fashion, the clothes we wear should definitely not come at a cost to others and to be asked to be a part of such a incredible global movement- I am honestly over the moon. To be able to help young women at risk, who do not posses the same opportunities as us growing up here in Australia and being able to help them realise their potential and pursue their dreams is a such a magical feeling.  

Love Thread Project also runs monthly workshops in Perth called "Dreamers Collective" where established professionals in the fashion and creative industry share their experiences and insights to encourages and educate aspiring creatives. I was lucky enough to attend the first collective which, was so inspiring in such a lovely intimate setting where you can absorb creative information, chat with like minded creatives as well as share your own personal experiences. I highly recommend attending whether you're just starting out in the creative industry or a successful entrepreneur- it doesn't matter how experienced you are- it will still benefit you in a way no other workshop can. 

Love Thread Project needs your help to become a registered charity and to continue with their amazing work including educating- raising awareness of the human trafficking and abuse to women in Bali and other third world countries, Restoration- in both Indonesia (Fashion Program) and Australia (The Glass Slipper Project) and Empowerment- for the production of socially conscious online label Love Thread & Co. They have started up a crowdfunding campaign to raise $30,000 in 30 days and they are all-or-nothing which means that if they don't reach their goal then they wont receive any money to continue this journey. Be a part of something that is possibly out of your reach, CLICK HERE for more information and to pledge so you can become part of movement.


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