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Lock and Key Clothing Dress, Tony Bianco Heels, Pandora Jewellery.

Photography | Wilson Lam 
Floral Bouquet | Ebb & Fleur

Bonjour Lovers, I'm am terribly sorry for not updating my blog in such a long time. I am sure most of you already know as it has been all over my Instagram but, for those that don't know- I've been super busy with my luxury photography and styling business, De Fleur Creative which, focuses on luxury brands, events, engagements and weddings though in saying that we have also recently worked on fashion lookbooks, websites and social media content. Every first day of the month De Fleur Creative releases collaborative styled shoots- creatively directed by myself called De Fleur Collective which you can subscribe to and view via the website. I will be extending my styling and photography skills as Creative Director of De Fleur Creative, working alongside the love of my life Wilson, as my second photographer and of course my favourite talents including Brittany of Brittany Jo's Makeup and Hayli of Ebb & Fleur. 

I have always loved creating luxury styled images and this shoot perfectly describes my passion for styling, photography and my love for sharing other crazy talented creatives with you. Looking back at my "Sweet Talk" post in April, I actually feel like I've come such a long way in the past two months. I absolutely love what I do and really feel so blessed to be in the position to start something I am 100% confident doing. I genuinely feel that being around positive, determined and hard working individuals in the creative industry and of course my family and friends has pushed me to believe in myself and has motivated me to reach for what I am truly capable of. So, thank you to all those who have touched my life in such a positive way.

This styled shoot would not have been possible without amazing creatives including my love Wilson who takes all my amazing photos, my lovely hairdresser mum Lisa for always doing my hair, Brittany with her absolutely amazing make-up skills, Hayli of Ebb & Fleur who always creates breathtaking bouquets and flower arrangements, the beautiful Kate of Lock and Key Clothing, the lovely girls at Glamour Nail Bar for my perfect marble nails (Request for Nay) and last but not least Pandora, for their beautiful jewellery.

Winter can be such a romantic season- think cheese and wine in front of a fireplace (or heater in my case), cuddles, knitwear, soup, the sound of rain and Adele when you're inside, tea, coffee, burning your favourite candle- so many beautiful associations with Winter but the cold really does get to me and sometimes getting out of my warm, comfy bed is entirely impossible. I have been told that I am definitely more of a Summer person so I do hope most of you can function better than me during winter.

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