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Dress: Elliatt | Make Up: Brittany Major

A spectacular night it was as my love and I arrived at the 20th W.A. Fashion Awards at the Heath Ledger State Theatre on Tuesday night. We were attending for the first time and wasn't exactly sure what to expect but, it definitely didn't disappoint. All the women were dressed beautifully- some in stunning gowns and others dressed modernly elegant and let's not forget all the men looking handsome in their fitted suits. We mingled with other fashion creatives, bloggers and friends with a glass of wine in hand before being seated in the theatre. 

A huge congratulations to all the well deserved nominees and winners on the night including Morrison for winning "WA Designer of the Year". It was inspiring to watch all the hardworking fashion creatives, stylists, models and designers share their stories and talk about their passion and dreams for the WA Fashion Industry. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for WA Fashion.


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