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Western Australia

Although Summer is officially over, I wanted to share snippets of our little Summer getaway last month to celebrate Wilson's birthday. We decided to road trip down to Margaret River and explore new terrains as well as visit some of our favourite spots. We stayed two nights at Darby Park Serviced Apartments which was amazing- a clean studio with a bath tub, comfy bed, TV, a swimming pool, complimentary wi-fi and a balcony with forest views-what more could I ask for?

Day 1
We spent most of the day driving down towards Margaret River with a few stops in mind. Our first stop was Canal Rocks which I visited last year- a beautiful geological feature in Yallingup that I know I'll never get tired of visiting. We then drove to Lamont's on Smith's Beach for a delicious Pumpkin and Feta Panini for lunch then stopped over Injidup Beach for a quick dip in its beautiful clear waters. We checked into our apartment around 5pm, went to buy some groceries then drove down to Surfer's Point to catch the sunset which, was absolutely stunning.

Day 2: Wilson's Birthday.
For breakfast, we had smashed avocado and breakfast wrap from Sidekick Cafe- my favourite cafe in Margaret River since discovering them last year. We went home to relax for a few hours then drove out to Vasse Felix for a celebratory Birthday lunch. Everything was so perfect- the service was excellent, the food and wine was delicious and the weather was great. Our next adventure was at Hamelin Bay which, has become well known for their friendly stingrays which you can touch and interact with. The were so cute but super scary at the same time.. definitely an experience I will never forget. We then drove down to the bottom tip of W.A. to see the Leeuwin Lighthouse then headed home afterwards as the sun was setting.

Day 3
I've heard of the famous Margaret River Bakery for while now but I never had a chance to try them unttil this trip- they are definitely worth a visit! After breakfast, we stopped by Lake Cave for a quick tour which, was extraordinarily beautiful, we re-visited my absolute favourite winery- Aravina Estate with the spectacular blooms of hydrangeas then explored the beautiful Wyadup Natural Spa before heading home.

Margaret River is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit and I'm so glad it's here in Western Australia, only a five hour road trip away from home.


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