Western Australia
Albany, Bluff Knoll, Collie and Denmark.

It's no secret that travel is always on my mind and since my love, Wilson and I are saving up for a big holiday at the end of the year- road trips are the next best thing.. plus what better way to explore our own backyard? I've always been so keen on traveling outside of Australia that I've totally under appreciated my own home. But after visiting Margaret River back in March and this trip to Albany- I've really grown to love W.A. and embrace its natural beauty. Bluff Knoll has been on my bucket list for a while now and so my love organised this amazing group trip down to Albany. Oh and of course, being me- I had to research some amazing places to visit while we were there.

On the way down we stopped by this stunning crystal clear, turquoise lake called "Black Diamond Lake" in Collie. The perfect spot to stop at for a picnic or swim during Summer- but as it is currently the start of Winter here Australia, it was a tad too chilly to go in but it was definitely still worth the visit. The next day we drove down to Bluff Knoll, a peak in the Stirling Range 1,099m above sea level. It was a tough two hour climb up but once we got higher and higher- the view became more and more spectacular. When we all reached the top- it was such an amazing achievement and experience, one that I will definitely never forget. After Bluff Knoll we went home to rest for a bit then headed down to Denmark to visit the Greens Pool and Elephant Cove which were both especially beautiful during sunset.

On our last day, we had the best banana pancakes for breakfast, home made by Wilson (who is an amazing cook), then left for the Albany Wind Farm- a seriously dreamy location with a stunning look out and trail above the Southern Ocean. We also wanted to visit The Gap and Natural Bridge at Torndirrup National Park but it was closed so, we ended up at the Boston Brewery and Willoughby Park Wines in Denmark for lunch then headed straight home after. I had such an amazing time and I definitely recommend you all to visit these locations, though I do wish we had more time to explore! With that said, I definitely plan on going back during the Summer to frolic under the sun and swim in the stunning lakes/beaches.


Photos by Wilson and Myself.

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