It's pure magic. When you stumble across something so insanely beautiful that all the things you've been worrying and stressing about disappears into thin air while your imagination becomes almost child-like. You start to push through the vines and wander through the slippery muddy ground praying that you don't fall into the murky water but, if you do slip- maybe the vines will catch you? That ladies and gentlemen- is the moment when you realise, that you have entered into a state of enchantment..
Perth, Western Australia

This gorgeous terrain has undeniably made it to my list of "Favourite Perth locations of all time". For the past few months I have been dying to visit this beautifully luscious wetland located north of Perth and I definitely wasn't disappointed. I was well prepared with my trusty Hunter Boots as my love and I adventured through the muddy grounds covered in vines, walked through a massive spider web and balanced our way across the water on a pile of logs and branches. This magical land reminded me of my childhood as my siblings and I used to always ride our bikes down to a creek close to our old house and just played together for hours, appreciating being in the wilderness and just carelessly having fun.

I will be heading down to Albany with some friends this weekend so get ready for more travel and adventure posts.


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