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Sydney, Australia.

As some of you may know, my love and I visited Sydney a few weeks back just for a little getaway. Although we didn't leave the country, it still felt like a completely different place compared to home. Each step was an uncharted territory and we just adored roaming through Sydney on foot and by car. We spent a lot of our time eating, sightseeing and of course doing a little bit of shopping, just the norms when traveling. Our favourite thing to do in Sydney was definitely the Bondi to Bronte walk- I absolutely love the Bronte Baths! The view was just breath taking and we even decided to swim in one of the rock pools filled with seaweed- definitely a first for me but nevertheless an amazing experience. 

We did a few more touristy things including visiting Sea Life at Darling Harbour, wandering through The Chinese Garden of Friendship, visiting the Sydney Opera House & the Sydney Harbour Bridge, ferrying to Watsons Bay and Rose Bay and of course we visited The Grounds of Alexandria as posted previously. Now, let's cut to the chase, the food in Sydney was undeniably amazing; fresh, flavoursome and even a little cheaper than what food costs, here in Perth. I've put together a top 15 list (in no particular order) of our favourite eateries during this trip to Sydney. Enjoy!

Places to Eat:
  • Rustic Pearl - Melemen, Benedict, Turkish Apple Iced Tea & a Cappuccino.
  • Chanoma - The best Matcha Soft Serve. (for fellow matcha fans)
  • Bread and Circus - The Fruit Plate (amazing), Toast w/Avo and Tomato, Parmesan not so Scrambled Eggs and a Minty Citrus.
  • Devon on Danks - Salted Caramel Cronut and Danks-in-Donuts.
  • Mad Spuds Cafe - Mad Spud Stack and Little Piggy.
  • Watsons Bay Boutique - Mushroom Rigatoni and Fish and Chips
  • Aqua S - Watermelon and Sea Salt Flavour.
  • Din Tai Fun - Plain Noodles and the Dumpling Gems.
  • Black Star Pastry - Watermelon Cake.
  • Ippudo - Ramen.
  • N2 Extreme Gelato - Raffaelo Gelato & Watermelon Smash*. 
  • Trio - Bircher Museli, Mediterranean Breakfast and Country Style Lemonade.
  • Laudree - Macaroons.
  • Tun Zaap - Pad Thai, Red Curry Chicken. 
  • Pressed Juice - Tropical Bliss 1 and Greens 6.    
*We were lucky enough to have been there during the 'Spectrum Now' event where N2 Extreme and Black Star Pasty joined forces to create the Watermelon Smash Gelato.

On our last day we had a lovely brunch at Trio, drove back down to the Bronte Baths and just soaked up the last bit of our time in Sydney. It was such a bittersweet moment knowing that we had to go back to reality, but then again we knew we were coming home to our element and back to our comfy beds.


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