Over the past few years, I have learned to be more minimalistic and love the simplicities of my surroundings which, inspired me to restyle my work space. Inspired by IKEA and multiple forms of social media- (especially sitting on Instagram 24/7) I've picked up a few things about interior styling. Here's a few tips to create the perfect workspace..

It is amazing how much more focused a person can be when there's no clutter on the desk- organisation is key. Having an indoor plant is also a great idea as it not only helps clean the air you're working in but it gives a hint of colour and life to the area. The right amount of lighting is also necessary when styling the perfect work space, especially when it's also your beauty station! But, being able to work in the right conditions is also a must. Styling your space with the things you love will make the area more personalised to you- your favourite magazines and books should always be close by for a quick dose of inspiration when you're feeling a little grey. Key colours that I always, always stick by are black, white and grey and sometimes a pop of colour here and there.


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