A little gem, only 25 minutes from Fremantle Port by Ferry- Rottnest Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands with amazingly fresh air, crystal clear waters and the cutest native animals, Quokkas. There's no need for cars since the island is quite small, so a bike or bus is the best option to travel around the island (You can take your own bike on the ferry for $15 or rent out a bike there for $30). A group of friends and I decided to go for a day trip last Sunday and rode around the whole island, heading up north first. We stopped at Parker Point at Little Salmon Bay and snorkeled for about an hour then headed back to town. I was so devastated that we didn't have time to do paddle boarding, so we'll definitely be back soon. Here's a short video of us riding around the island/snorkeling ft. my current favourite Summer song "OMI - Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)".

Rottnest Island

I've put together a list of essential items you may need to take to Rottnest.
1. A backpack- You'll need a bag to carry all your equipment, spare clothes, towel, water, snacks etc.
2. A hat- To protect you from the harsh Australian sun.
3. Sunscreen- Anything with 40+ SPF will do, you'll need to reapply multiple times throughout the day and do not forget your face, neck, hands and the back of your legs!
4. Lip balm- I can't live without my Dior Addict Lip Glow as I get quite dry lips so this is a must for me.
5. Bikini- For swimming in, duh!
6. Snorkel Gear- This is only if you are snorkeling of course, but it's definitely better to bring your own than to rent it out! (Tip from Wilson: Rub toothpaste on the inside of your snorkel goggles, let it dry then wash it off in the water so it doesn't fog up while you're exploring through the coral.)
7. Collared shirt- Not only is it lightweight but the collar and long sleeve will protect your neck and arms from the sun when you're riding around the island.
8 & 10. Sports bra & capris- Nothing feels better than exercising in Nike. ;)
9. Sports shoes- I swear by my Nike Free Runs 5.0.
11. Beach Towel- Take a light one because you don't want to carry too much weight while riding around the island.
12. Water- We took about 2 bottles of water each. Definitely a must since there are quite a few big hills! 
13. Sunglasses- To protect your eyes and look sexy.. If you don't want a sunglasses tan then take them off a few times during the day for about 30 minutes!

Hope this is helpful for those who are planning to go this Summer!


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