Fernhook Falls, Walpole
Western Australia.
What seemed like the coldest weekend in July, a group of us set out to go camping in the wilderness. As it was my first time camping,  I was unsure what to expect being a city girl- I knew it would be cold but my imagination was going wild with giant spiders, wild animals and going to the toilet in the dark. Approximately five hours after we left home- napping, snacking and listening to some tunes in the car we finally arrived at our campsite. It was still drizzling with rain and it was getting dark fast- but to my surprise, we had a little cabin to sleep in and it even had a small furnace- thank god. Drinks and card games were played both nights which was super fun and sleep wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. The next day we woke up, cooked breakfast and headed to The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, gorgeous scenery and definitely a little freaky when the wind blows- being up so high. We discovered the Conspicuous Cliff Lookout at Conspicuous Beach which was amazing and planned to go canoeing but the rapids were too strong so we headed back, started our outdoor fire and toasted some marshmallows while making dinner. Overall I had such an amazing experience, maybe next time I'll have to sleep in a tent but let's just keep camping at a fun, comfortable experience.


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