Looking back at before my love and I flew out to Bali, it's crazy the amount of times my family and friends warned us to be careful there. An island portrayed by the media to be relatively dangerous although, funnily enough- is also one of the most luxurious destinations in the world- renown for its gorgeous resorts, beautiful beaches, delicious food and dirt cheap drinks (Oh, and who can forget Ketut and Rhonda?).

Arriving in Bali, the first thing we did was take a taxi to our hotel, still adapting to the warmth as it was a major change to Perth's freezing weather. It cost us IDP 70, 000 (AU$7) for them to take us to Seminyak where we stayed at The 101 Bali Legian Hotel (Really good value for money and amazing buffet breakfast), mind you a lot of the taxi's there like to charge way more than what you actually pay for- they normally start at IDP 150, 000 to areas close by such as Kuta and Seminyak. A good tip is to either go down 60-70% lower than what they start at or just take a meter taxi. After we dropped off our luggage, we went to find breakfast and just explored our new surroundings. We then rexlaxed and dipped in our pool, walked to Kuta Beach to watch the sun set then had an amazing dinner at Cafe Romano's!

Day two and three was mainly touring around the island. We visited plenty of breathtaking temples and beaches, a monkey forest and a rice terrace with fabulous views on the way to each destination. My favourite beach was definitely Padang Padang Beach which was featured in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Although there were plentiful tourists and the shore was filled with painful-to-step-on rocks, the water was lovely, there were good vibes as well as small caves to explore! 

Day four, we moved to our next hotel The Balisani Suites which had gorgeous, lush gardens and a beautiful beach as our backyard- the only problem was all the insects that seemed to love me, and only me (Be sure to take insect repellant- thank god i did!). That afternoon we walked down to The Potato Head Beach Club which is now one of my favourite Bali hang out spots. We had a western dinner there which was crazy good and watched the sun set. 

Day five was our water sport activity day. It was drizzling down with rain the morning we woke up and I prayed that we could still go snorkeling and diving, sure enough after breakfast, the sky cleared up and we were on our way. When we arrived, the beach was packed full of people, parasails and boats- we were equipped with everything we needed and headed out to deeper water. It was still quite wavy when we went out and I was feeling more than a little scared since it was my first time. We were instructed to dive first which took me at least five minutes to get used to breathing through my mouth and I only calmed down when I saw Wilson under the water- it was such an amazing experience though and I would definitely do it again in clear water on a hot sunny day! After we got back, we rented out a scooter (Wilson rides a Motor Bike back home, so it was safe) and we headed back to the Seminyak/Kuta region where we had lunch, relaxed at Kuta beach again and we somehow ended up at the Beach Walk Shopping Strip which has some of my favourite fashion stores such as Mango, Zara and Topshop that coming soon to Perth. After eating and shopping, we went home and packed our bags for our flight back to Perth the next day.

Day six was all about goodbyes and farewells as we boarded the plane back home. Since coming home, I've been missing the warmer weather, cheap manicures, massages and well as delicious food and drinks. Next time we head to Bali, we will be sure to rent a scooter and travel around the island ourselves. 

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